Coronavirus Information

The East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School campus is currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. At this time, scholars are engaging in distance learning. More information about your scholar’s daily distance learning assignments can be found at

A Message From Our Principals

Dear ECLCS Family,

These past few weeks have been different for all of us, but together we are committed to supporting all of our scholars. We are inspired by the commitment to learning we are seeing from our scholars, teachers, and families. Thank you for your support and flexibility during this time. We also know this is an opportunity for our scholars to develop skills around research and independence. The learning continues at home during this time of extended closure. We are committed to ensuring that students receive high quality instruction daily in all their content areas. 

Please continue to reach out to us for any and all support that you need as we navigate this new landscape together.

Nicole Lawler, Principal
Latasha Carter, Assistant Principal



All students in kindergarten through eighth grade have weekly assignments that must be completed by the end of each week. We understand that many families are experiencing difficult situations during this pandemic and so we want to reassure you we will be partnering with parents to ensure scholars can be successful. This includes distribution of technology, teachers posting weekly assignments each Monday with a deadline of the following Sunday, and making ourselves available for communication throughout the week. As we work in partnership with families we also want families to be aware that both attendance and grades are used to make end of year promotional decisions.


Grades K - 8: Start Learning Here

Additionally, your student will need to access Google Classroom.

  • 1. Go to

  • 2. Type in the student’s first.last name as the username. Type in the password.

  • 3. Begin at Google Classroom, press the Google Classroom app. Select the desired class.


Scholar attendance will be tracked through their progression and participation on Google Classroom, Exact Path, IREADY, etc. on a weekly basis.

  • K-2 scholars are to login at least twice a week to lessons/online learning in order to receive credit for that week’s attendance
    • Weekends are included in the time allotted to complete their work.
  • 3rd-8th scholars are to login at least three times a week AND complete at least 50% of assigned work in order to receive credit for that week’s attendance.
    • Weekends are included in the time allotted to complete their work.

If you have attendance questions or general inquiries, please contact us between the hours of 10 AM and 2 PM.
Main Office of ECLCS:  219-378-7460


Currently, East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School is working in partnership with the Indiana Department of Education to determine when school will resume in the school building.  We will return back to the building during the 2020-2021 school year.



Monday, April 6, 2020

First Day of Online Classes (Entire School)

Friday, June 5, 2020

Last Day of Online Classes (Subject to Change)

2020-2021 School Year

In person classes Resume (Subject to Change)


Grab and Go breakfasts and lunches are currently available at our East Chicago Lighthouse Charter School campus, Monday – Friday from 11am-12pm. Families are welcome to pick up a breakfast and lunch for each scholar that is enrolled with Lighthouse Academies as well as anyone under the age of 18.


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Coronavirus Updates

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